Thomas Anderson

Credentials: B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biochemistry

Position title: Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB)
Graduate Student


Portrait of Tommy Anderson 2019

Coronaviruses replicate and transcribe their genomes in virally induced double membrane vesicles. Within these vesicles viral non structural proteins are responsible for the synthesis, capping, and proofreading of viral RNA products. These complicated processes require a balance of enzymatic activities on shared RNA substrates. My work focuses on understanding the mechanics of the proteins believed to be responsible for CoV proofreading (nsp10 and 14). Through (lots of) recombinant protein expression, in vitro enzymatic assays, and single particle cryo-EM I hope to shed some light on CoV proofreading. Outside of the lab I spend my time baking bread, playing with my pet hedgehog Hank (@hankthehedgey on insta), and spending time with my fiancee Madi.